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US-36416-A: mabcher patent, US-364251-A: Metal roof patent, US-36467-A: Improvement in grain and straw separators patent, US-364968-A: Combined abdominal supporter and pessary patent, US-36532-A: Improvement in plows patent, US-365721-A: Egg-carrier patent, US-365961-A: William beabdsley patent, US-366107-A: End-gate patent, US-366123-A: Pool-table attachment patent, US-367046-A: johnson patent, US-367346-A: Governor for adding patent, US-367837-A: Territory patent, US-368080-A: Feiedeich ernst paul ehelich patent, US-370284-A: sarg-eant patent, US-3703-A: Improvement in water-wheels patent, US-370671-A: Banker s safety express-box patent, US-371753-A: Hose-coupling patent, US-371872-A: Boiler furnace patent, US-371873-A: brooks patent, US-372576-A: Shoe-clasp patent, US-37299-A: Improvement in air-engines patent, US-373682-A: Dental pliers patent, US-37416-A: Improvement in stoves patent, US-374493-A: William h patent, US-37454-A: Improvement in sinks patent, US-374588-A: Dumping-car patent, US-374870-A: Car-coupling patent, US-374874-A: Alfred chrtstophe koerner patent, US-375087-A: Employe s recorder patent, US-375571-A: John f patent, US-376471-A: Soda-water fountain patent, US-2439006-A: Coded track circuits for highway patent, US-2516626-A: Tetrahydropyrimidine compounds patent, US-2572852-A: Insect repellents patent, US-2775067-A: Halobutanedione fungicidal compositions and method of applying the same to soil patent, US-3071320-A: Binary converter patent, US-3102118-A: -chzchj patent, CN-102653093-A: Jig for placing driving shaft confirming jigs patent, US-3251820-A: Process for the fractional extraction and concentration of lignosulfonic acids patent, US-2506497-A: Draft control patent, US-2535779-A: Column selecting means for cardsorting machines patent, US-2543955-A: Stabilization of ddt solutions at low temperatures by means of nitrocycloparaffins patent, US-2812338-A: Preparation of cyanohydrins patent, US-2881161-A: Amides of alginic acid patent, US-2884259-A: Velocipede propelled by foot pedals and hand levers patent, US-3223709-A: Xj>xjxdxj patent, US-3225026-A: Method of producing azobisformamides patent, US-3276801-A: Spring support structures and related hardware for furniture patent, US-3317613-A: Process for continuously producing methylal patent, US-2675297-A: Solution phase process of convert patent, US-3066147-A: X n novel j-susstituted i patent, US-3364267-A: Process for preparation of glycol ethers of phenols patent, US-2462292-A: Light interference distance measuring device having photoelectric means patent, US-2506790-A: Starting filter for hydraulic pumps patent, US-2569429-A: Synthetic lubricants patent, US-2574542-A: Certain para-cyclohexylcyclohexanol ethers of certain glycols patent, US-2604731-A: meucci patent, US-2628029-A: Broido patent, US-2678307-A: Carboxysulfonsc cation-exchange patent, US-2709909-A: Vigmostad patent, US-2799275-A: Letter reinserting device patent, US-3043369-A: Combined storm window and screen construction patent, US-3130545-A: Turbine-motors patent, US-3212873-A: Di-(n-alkoxy) amides of 2, 3, 5, 6-tetrachloroterephthalic acid patent, US-2482964-A: Humidifying air-heating furnace patent, US-2500024-A: Aqueous detergent patent, US-2934144-A: Vodehnal patent, US-3078476-A: Multi-station plumbing fixture and outlet manifold therefor patent, US-3096017-A: Voting machine patent, US-2425166-A: Method of forming rubber bags patent, US-2460301-A: Lubricating oils patent, US-2579781-A: Magnesia refractory and method of patent, US-2828644-A: Gearshift control patent, US-3219581-A: Extreme pressure complex grease patent, US-2841900-A: Multi-year calendar patent, US-2869776-A: Throughway fare collection device patent, US-3340947-A: Front wheel drive motorcycle patent, US-2786291-A: alley patent, US-2850459-A: Lubricating grease compositions containing soaps of oxidized petroleum hydrocarbons patent, US-2734067-A: Hydrocarbon oxidation patent, US-2437729-A: Belt buckle patent, US-2614386-A: Supporting and reinforcing structure for gas turbine engines patent, US-2580031-A: Accumulator engaging mechanism patent, US-2733774-A: Pessel patent, US-2493889-A: Ignition system for gas or liquid patent, US-2750465-A: Fluid pressure operated control patent, US-2626296-A: Galvanometer patent, US-2015178-A: Method for the stabilization of electromagnetic oscillations patent, US-2015289-A: Temperature control device patent, US-2016772-A: Wall construction patent, US-2017588-A: Urea synthesis patent, US-2018458-A: Brake patent, US-2019455-A: Desk patent, US-2020537-A: Lubricating device patent, US-2021027-A: Oil emulsion patent, US-2021251-A: Conveyer apparatus for dough-working machinery patent, US-2024724-A: Counterweight system patent, US-2025065-A: All-metal car body patent, US-2025233-A: Distribution panel patent, US-2025329-A: Mattress and method of making the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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